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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Removing Unwanted Epoxy Blob / Stain from your Model?

How many times have you got that unwanted and excess epoxy after joining two joints together and leaving behind the ugly residue?


How many times have you got epoxied fingerprint all over your beloved models?


How many time have you tried to removed some dried out epoxy but failed?

Well here's the solution! Denatured Alcohol!

Denatured Alcohol is a gentle, multi-purpose solvent, which is essential for thinning shellac and cleaning brushes. It evaporates quickly, making it an excellent glass cleaner. Also works great for cleaning metal, water rings, color-safe fabrics, and it is even used as a hot, clean-burning fuel for marine stoves. Best of all it removes epoxy! Even for long dried out epoxy, just 'soaked' it using Denatured Alcohol and clean / scrapped it off after that.

So what is this wonderful solvent? A quick definition and explanation of Denatured Alcohol here in the Wiki.